Black Cloud Cartridges

Black Cloud Cartridges

Featuring cut-on-contact FLITESTOPPER® steel pellets, these effective Federal Premium® Black Cloud® FS Steel® Wildfowling Shotshells drop birds like no other. The FLITECONTROL® wad can add 10-15 yards to the effective range of your shotgun by focusing the pellets with an innovative, rearward-facing cup. Each shotshell contains 60% round steel pellets and 40% FLITESTOPPER pellets to deliver devastating terminal performance on ducks and geese alike. Catalyst™ lead-free primers and clean-burning, temperature-stable propellants decrease residue in barrels significantly. Black Cloud FS Wldfowling Shotgun Shells are loaded in premium plastic hulls with black, nickel-plated bases, and sealed crimps. Made in USA.
Calibre Details Item no
Shotshells BLACK CLOUD 12GA 3-1/2 42GR SHOT SIZE 2 FED-PWBXI134-2
Shotshells BLACK CLOUD 12GA 3" 36 GR SHOT SIZE 2 FED-PWBXI142-2
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