Calibre Details Item no
204 Ruger 32gr Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-P204B
204 Ruger 40gr Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-P204C
.222 Remington 40gr Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-P222C
.222 Remington TNT 43gr Green FED-P222D
.22-250 Remington TNT 43gr Green FED-P22250D
.22-250 Remington 55g Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-P22250F
.22-250 Remington 60gr Nosler Partition FED-P22250G
.17 HMR 17g Hornady V-Max Ballistic Tip FED-P771
.22 Winchester Magnum 30gr Speer TNT FED-P765
.223 Remington 40gr Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-P223P
.223 Remington TNT 43gt Green FED-P223R
.223 Remington 55gr Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-223F
.223 Remington 55gr Barnes T-Shok FED-223S
.223 Remington 60gr Nosler Partition FED-223Q
.223 Remington 62g Trophy Bonded Tipped Soft Point FED-P226TT3
.243 Winchester 55gr Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-P243H
.243 Winchester 70gr Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-P243F
.243 Winchester 85gr Trophy Copper Tipped FED-P243TCI
.243 Winchester 95gr Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-P243J
.243 Winchester 100gr Sierra GameKing Soft Point FED-P243C
.243 Winchester 100gr Nosler Partition Moly Coarted FED-P243E
.25-06 Remington 85gr Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-P2506G
.25-06 Remington 100gr Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-P2506D
.25-06 Remington 100gr Trophy Copper Tipped FED-P2506TCI
.25-06 Remington 115gr Nosler Partition FED-P2506E
.25-06 Remington 117gr Sierra GameKing BT Soft Point FED-P2506C
.260 Remington 120gr Nosler Ballistic Tip FED-P260B
.260 Remington 140gr Sierra GameKing BT Soft Point FED-P260A
.270 Winchester 130gr Sierra GameKing BT Soft Point FED-P270D
6.5 Creedmoor 120gr Trophy Copper FED-P65CRDTC1
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