Clash Eyeglasses

RRP £139.95
Clash Eyeglasses

Clash eyeglasses are specifically engineered and designed for shooters to provide unparalleled fit factors and optical superiority.  The Clash eyeglasses have a superior wraparound and extraordinary optical protection, they conceived to maximized the focus of the athlete on his target.

Available in 8 different colors.

  • Neutral: Low light, Perfect for indoor Protection.
  • Yellow: Low light, Raise light values, Color enhancement of targets, For fog or woods.
  • Light Magenta: Boosts target orange, Med yellow light, Vibrant color enhancement.
  • Coral: Kills green backgrounds, Low light, depth of field, Enhance target orange/pink.
  • Light Purple: Kills green backgrounds, depth of background, Enhance orange target.
  • Scarlet: Balanced color enhancement, Bright sun, collecting clouds, High resolution.
  • Brown: Boosts target orange, Med yellow light, Color enhancement.
  • Fume: High or direct light, Balance color enhancement.
  • Weight From 24 kg
Variant Colour Weight RRP
BER-OC031A2354014H Neutral 24 kg £139.95
BER-OC031A2354033A Light Magenta 24 kg £139.95
BER-OC031A2354038B Coral 24 kg £139.95
BER-OC031A2354039A Light Purple 24 kg £139.95
BER-OC031A2354039F Scarlet 24 kg £139.95
BER-OC031A2354087W Brown 24 kg £139.95
BER-OC031A23540229 Yellow 24 kg £139.95
BER-OC031A23540959 Fume 24 kg £139.95

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